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When DISTRONIC is activated, one or

When DISTRONIC is activated, one or two segments in the set speed range light up.

in the speedometer may differ slightly from For design reasons, the speed displayed in the speedometer may differ slightly from the speed set for DISTRONIC.

If DISTRONIC detects a vehicle in front, segments 2 between the speed of the vehicle in front 1 and stored speed 3 light up.

WARNING An intermittent warning sounds and the 
An intermittent warning sounds and the distance warning lamp instrument in the instrument cluster is illuminated if the Distronic system calculates that the distance to the vehicle ahead and your vehicle's current speed indicate that the Distronic will not be capable of slowing the vehicle sufficiently to maintain the preset following distance, which creates a danger of a collision.
Immediately brake the vehicle to increase your distance to the preceding vehicle. The warning sound is intended as a final caution in which you should intercede with your own braking inputs to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. Do not wait for the operation of the warning signal to intercede with your own braking. This will result in potentially dangerous emergency braking which will not always result in an impact being avoided.
Tailgating increases the risk of an accident.

WARNING DISTRONIC brakes your vehicle with a 
DISTRONIC brakes your vehicle with a maximum deceleration of 13 ft/s2(4 m/s2).
This corresponds to approximately 40% of your vehicle's maximum possible braking power.
You must apply the brakes yourself to avoid a collision. DISTRONIC brakes the vehicle to restore the set distance to the vehicle in front or to restore the set speed. In this case, the brake pedal is depressed automatically, which can be seen by a movement of the brake pedal.
Always keep the driver's footwell clear, including the area under the brake pedal.
Objects in this area may impair pedal movement and cause the DISTRONIC braking function to malfunction.
Do not place your foot under the brake pedal
– your foot could become caught.

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