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Select the On Route screen button to display all events ahead on the current active route. If no traffic events have been reported on route, No Traffic Events Reported On route displays.



Press the Name screen button to display traffic events in the order of distance. The closest event is shown first.


Press the Refresh screen button to update the screen with all of the latest traffic events, miles, etc. Traffic events update approximately every two minutes. To update the events immediately, press the Refresh screen button.

Scrolling to Traffic Events on the Map

While scrolling the map, traffic condition icons may appear. Traffic events may

While scrolling the map, traffic condition icons may appear. Traffic events may appear up to 75 mi (125 km) from your current position. To receive information about the traffic condition, place the cross hairs over the traffic condition icon.

After pressing the INFO (information) screen button, the type of traffic condition, the street name, and a description of the traffic condition displays. See “Scrolling the Map” under Maps   for more information.

To display traffic events in another state or a great distance away, scroll to the desired area, and then stop scrolling. Wait for the traffic to update. It may take up to two minutes before traffic in this new area can be received and displayed.

Traffic Event Display Categories

closed. (Road Closed): Road and/or ramps closed.

Category 2, Traffic Delayed:

stop and go traffic, delayed and congested traffic. (Stopped Traffic): Traffic stopped, stop and go traffic, delayed and congested traffic.

Category 3, Incidents:

disabled vehicle, or dangerous road conditions. (Alert): Object in the roadway, disabled vehicle, or dangerous road conditions.

to accident. (Accident): Roadway obstructed due to accident.

to construction. (Road Works): Delayed traffic due to construction.

Category 4, Advisories:

traffic, lane blocked or closed due to a road condition. (Road Condition): Delayed or stopped traffic, lane blocked or closed due to a road condition.

fog weather condition. (Weather): Heavy rain, snow, or fog weather condition.

(Information): Special event, general (Parking): Available parking area.

information, or warning. (Information): Special event, general information, or warning.

Detailed Traffic Event Screens

Traffic Event Screen

Traffic Event Screen

The detailed Traffic Event screens are used to display additional details of a traffic event condition. This screen may display if:

. Scrolling to an event on the map and then pressing INFO.
. Selecting a traffic event listed on the Traffic Event List screen.

The Traffic Event screen may display when approaching a traffic event.

Back, Map, More, and Avoid

These buttons have common functions across all three Detailed Traffic Event screens.

Back: Press to return to the previous screen.

Map: If available, press to display the related traffic event on the map.

Map Traffic Event Icon with Back Screen

Map Traffic Event Icon with Back Screen

More: Press to display more of the traffic event description, if the whole event does not fit in the given display.

Avoid: This button is used to avoid the location of an event on the route. If pressed, a new route is calculated and the related traffic event is avoided. After the new route has been calculated, the navigation system goes to the full map screen and shows the new route.

The Avoid button is only available if the event is on the route ahead.

Traffic Voice Prompts

The traffic voice prompts are part of the current navigation voice prompts. If the navigation voice prompts are turned off, all traffic prompts are also turned off.

If the voice prompts are on, whenever an Alert for Approaching Traffic is displayed, the system gives the related voice prompt. The content of the voice prompt depends on actual traffic event data.

The RPT (Repeat) button is for navigation traffic maneuvers only. It is not used to repeat traffic prompts. During a traffic voice prompt, if RPT is pressed, the current prompt playback cancels.

Traffic prompts are disabled during OnStar (if equipped) or Voice Recognition activity.

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