Mercedes-Benz GL-Class: Using the TIREFIT kit - TIREFIT kit - Flat tire - Breakdown assistance - Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Owner's ManualMercedes-Benz GL-Class: Using the TIREFIT kit

You can use the TIREFIT kit to seal small punctures, particularly those in the tire tread.

You can use TIREFIT at outside temperatures down to -4 °F (-20 °C).

WARNING TIREFIT is a limited repair device. TIREFIT 
TIREFIT is a limited repair device. TIREFIT cannot be used for cuts or punctures larger than approximately 0.16 in (4 mm) and tire damage caused by driving with extremely low tire inflation pressure, or on a flat tire, or a damaged wheel.
Do not drive the vehicle under such circumstances.
Contact the nearest authorized Mercedes-Benz Center for assistance or call Roadside Assistance.

Do not remove any foreign objects which have penetrated the tire, e.g. screws or nails.
Remove the tire sealant bottle, the accompanying "max. 80 km/h" sticker and the tire inflation compressor from the stowage well underneath the trunk floor.

► Affix part 1 of the sticker within the

Affix part 1 of the sticker within the driver's field of vision.
Affix part 2 of the sticker near the valve on the wheel with the defective tire.

WARNING Take care not to allow the contents of TIREFIT 
Take care not to allow the contents of TIREFIT to come in contact with hair, eyes or clothing.
TIREFIT is harmful if inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the skin - causes skin, eye and respiratory irritation.
Any contact with eyes or skin should be flushed immediately with plenty of water.
If clothing comes in contact with TIREFIT, change clothing as soon as possible.
In case of allergic reaction or rash, consult a physician immediately.

WARNING Keep TIREFIT away from children. If 
Keep TIREFIT away from children. If swallowed, rinse mouth immediately with plenty of water and drink plenty of water.
Do not induce vomiting.
Consult a doctor immediately.
Keep away from open flame or heat source.

then be removed like a layer of film. If TIREFIT leaks out, allow it to dry. It can then be removed like a layer of film.

If you get TIREFIT on your clothing, have it cleaned as soon as possible with perchloroethylene.

Your vehicle is provided with one of two different tire inflation compressors:

Version 1: the hose with the pressure gauge and the cable are behind a flap.
Version 2: the pressure gauge is in the tire inflation compressor.

    TIREFIT kit version 1
    ► Open flap 2. ► Pull connector 5 with the cable and hose 6 out of the housing. ► Screw hose 6 onto flange 7 of tire sealant bottle 1. ► Insert tire sealant bottle : hea ...

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