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To prevent accidental or unauthorized operation, never leave the Smart Key unattended in the vehicle. Never leave children or animals unattended in the vehicle. The vehicle can be operated when the Smart Key is inside the vehicle.

Note: There are two designs of Smart Key, refer to the information which is relevant to the design of Smart Key supplied with the vehicle.

Note: The operational range of the Smart Key will vary considerably depending on atmospheric conditions and interference from other transmitting devices.

Note: If any door or the tailgate is unlocked 10 times within a short period, the latch is disabled for approximately one minute.

The vehicle is supplied with 2 Smart Keys. The Smart Keys act as remote controls for the locking and alarm system, and allow the vehicle to be locked, unlocked and driven without the use of a conventional key. See 12, KEYLESS ENTRY, 16, KEYLESS LOCKING and 74, STARTING THE ENGINE.

1. Lock:

Press once to single lock the vehicle. All doors and the tailgate will lock (but can still be unlocked from inside) and the perimeter alarm will arm. See 16, LOCKING AND ARMING THE ALARM.

2. Unlock:

Press briefly to unlock the vehicle and deactivate the alarm. The hazard warning lamps will flash twice to indicate that the vehicle is unlocked and the alarm has been deactivated. The interior lamps will illuminate to assist entry to the vehicle. Also see 12, GLOBAL OPENING.

When you press the unlock button, your vehicle will unlock in one of two ways:

  • • Single Point Entry: Unlocks the driver's door only. A second press is required to unlock the remaining doors and the tailgate.
  • • Multi Point Entry: Unlocks all doors and the tailgate on the first press.

Single point entry can be disabled on individual Smart Keys by unlocking the vehicle then simultaneously pressing and holding the lock and unlock buttons for 3 seconds. The vehicle will lock and then unlock and the hazard warning lights will flash twice to confirm the change. You can now unlock all doors with a single press. Repeating the procedure will re-enable Single point entry. This feature may also be set via the Vehicle Set-up menu (see 55, INTERACTIVE CONTROLS).

Note: If a door or the tailgate are not opened within 1 minute of unlocking the vehicle, they will lock again automatically.

3. Tailgate release:

Press briefly to release the tailgate. The vehicle security system will remain active while the tailgate is open, but intrusion and inclination sensing systems will be disabled.

On closing of the tailgate, the hazard warning lamps will flash after a few seconds to confirm the full alarm system has been reactivated (if previously armed).

4. Panic alarm:

Press and hold for 3 seconds (or press 3 times within 3 seconds) to activate the horn and the hazard lamps. The horn and hazard lamps will switch off automatically after 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

Once active for more than 5 seconds, the alarm can be cancelled by pressing the button and holding for 3 seconds (or pressing 3 times within 3 seconds).

The emergency alarm will also be cancelled if a valid smart key is present when the START/STOP button is pressed.

5. Approach lighting:

When approaching the vehicle during darkness, press to switch on the approach illumination. Press again to turn the approach lamps off.

The approach illumination period set at the factory is 30 seconds. This delay period may be configured to provide illumination lasting between 0 and 180 seconds. See the Vehicle Set-up menu 55, INTERACTIVE CONTROLS.

Note: A replacement Smart Key can only be obtained from your Land Rover Retailer/Authorized Repairer. The Retailer/Authorized Repairer will require proof of ownership.

Notify your Land Rover Retailer/Authorized Repairer immediately if a Smart Key is lost or stolen.

Note: The fuel filler flap can only be opened when the vehicle is unlocked.

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    Note: There are two designs of Smart Key, refer to the information which is relevant to the design of Smart Key supplied with the vehicle. A. Press emergency key release button and pull out side ...

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