Mercedes-Benz GL-Class: Side windows - Opening/closing - Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Owner's ManualMercedes-Benz GL-Class: Side windows

Important safety notes

WARNING When opening or closing the windows, make 
When opening or closing the windows, make sure there is no danger of anyone being harmed by the opening/closing procedure.
The door windows are equipped with the express operation and automatic reversal function. If in express operation mode a door window encounters an obstruction that blocks its path, the automatic reversal function will stop the door window and open it slightly.
The door windows operate differently when the switch is pulled and held. See the "Closing when a door window is blocked" section in this chapter for details.
The closing of a door window can be immediately halted by releasing the switch or, if the switch was pulled past the resistance point and released, by either pressing or pulling the respective switch.
The closing of the hinged quarter windows can be immediately halted by pressing or pulling the switch.
If a window encounters an obstruction that blocks its path in a circumstance where you are closing the windows by pressing and holding button
SmartKey or by on the SmartKey or by pressing and holding the lock button (vehicles with KEYLESS-GO) on an outside door handle, the automatic reversal function will not operate.
Activate the override switch when children are riding in the back seats of the vehicle. The children may otherwise injure themselves, e.g. by becoming trapped in the window opening.

WARNING Do not keep any part of your body up against 
Do not keep any part of your body up against the window pane when opening a window. The downward motion of the pane may pull that part of your body down between the window pane and the door frame and trap it there. If there is a risk of entrapment, release the switch and pull it to close the window.

Limiting the opening angle of thetailgate
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Opening and closing the sidewindows
1 Front left 2 Front right 3 Rear right 4 Rear left The switches for all side windows are located on the driver's door. There is also a switch on each door for the corresponding side window. ...

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