Infiniti QX: Opening the fuel-filler door - Fuel-filler door - Pre-driving checks and adjustments - Infiniti QX Owner's ManualInfiniti QX: Opening the fuel-filler door

To open the fuel-filler door, unlock the fuelfiller

To open the fuel-filler door, unlock the fuelfiller door by using one of the following operations, then push the right side of the door.
► Push the driver’s door handle request switch with the Intelligent Key carried with you.
► Push the passenger’s door handle request switch or lift gate request switch twice with the Intelligent Key carried with you.
► Push the UNLOCK button on the Intelligent Key.
► Insert the mechanical key into the door lock cylinder and rotate it towards the rear of the vehicle.
► Push the power door lock switch to the UNLOCK position. To lock, close the fuel-filler door securely and lock all doors by operating the door handle request switch, the LOCK button on the Intelligent Key, the mechanical key or the power door lock switch.

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