Range Rover: Entry and exit mode - Steering wheel - Range Rover Owner's ManualRange Rover: Entry and exit mode

With the steering column control (1) in the AUTO position, the steering column and driver’s seat will move to provide easier entry and exit from the vehicle.

On opening the driver’s door the system will raise the steering column to the highest position, and lower the driver’s seat to the lowest position assisting with exit from the vehicle. When the driver’s door is closed and the ignition turned on, the system will return the driver’s seat and steering column to the previous position.

Note: If the driver’s seat or steering column are adjusted during entry or exit operation, automatic movement will stop.

To prevent automatic movement of the driver’s seat and steering column, turn the control clockwise to the manual position.

Note: If the steering column switch is moved away from AUTO when the driver’s seat and steering column is in the exit position, the driver’s seat and steering column will move back to their previous positions when the driver’s door is closed and the ignition is switched on.

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