Mercedes-Benz GL-Class: Adjusting the backrest angle (2nd rowof seats) - Adjusting the seats in the second andthird rows - Seats - Seats, steering wheel and mirrors - Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Owner's ManualMercedes-Benz GL-Class: Adjusting the backrest angle (2nd rowof seats)

WARNING The seat belt only offers its intended 
The seat belt only offers its intended protection when the seat backrest is in a nearly vertical position and the occupant is sitting upright. The seat backrest and seat belt provide the best restraint when the wearer is in a position that is as upright as possible and the seat belt is properly positioned on the body.
You should therefore adjust the seat backrest to a position as upright as possible.

The backrest angle can be adjusted to five positions.

► Pull backrest release 2 in the

Pull backrest release 2 in the direction of the arrow and hold it in this position.

Backrest 1 folds forwards.

Adjust the backrest angle as desired.
Release backrest release 2.
Lean back firmly against the backrest to ensure that it is engaged.

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