Mercedes-Benz GL-Class: Important safety notes - Level control - Driving systems - Driving and parking - Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Owner's ManualMercedes-Benz GL-Class: Important safety notes

Level control adapts the vehicle level automatically to the current operating and driving situation. This results in reduced fuel consumption and improved handling.

For vehicles with ADS: when you are driving in ADS COMF or ADS AUTO(), the vehicle is lowered to high-speed level as the speed increases. As the vehicle decelerates, the vehicle is raised back up to highway level. In ADS SPORT(), the vehicle skips highway level and is lowered directly to high-speed level.

Make changes to the vehicle level while the vehicle is in motion. This enables the vehicle to adjust to the new level as quickly as possible.

The vehicle level may change visibly when you park the vehicle and the outside temperature changes. When the temperature drops, the vehicle level is lower; with an increase in temperature, the vehicle level rises.

When you unlock the vehicle or open a door, the vehicle begins to balance the load discrepancies while still parked. However, for significant level changes, e.g. after the vehicle has been stationary for a long period, the engine must be on. For safety reasons, the vehicle is only lowered when the doors are closed. Lowering is interrupted if a door is opened and continues once the door has been closed.

WARNING Make sure that nobody is in the vicinity of the 
Make sure that nobody is in the vicinity of the wheel arch or the underbody when changing the vehicle level. You could otherwise trap yourself or others.

WARNING Always select as low a vehicle level as 
Always select as low a vehicle level as possible. If the vehicle level is high, the vehicle center of gravity shifts upwards. This increases the risk of the vehicle tipping over.
Adapt your driving style to suit the vehicle level. ESP® cannot reduce the risk of an accident if you drive too fast. ESP® cannot override the laws of physics.

select a high vehicle level in good time. When driving on extremely rough terrain, select a high vehicle level in good time.

Make sure that there is always sufficient ground clearance to prevent damage to the vehicle.

raising one or more wheels with the Remove the key from the ignition before raising one or more wheels with the appropriate equipment.

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