Infiniti QX: 2nd row seats - Seats - Safety — seats, seat belts and supplemental restraint system - Infiniti QX Owner's ManualInfiniti QX: 2nd row seats

► Never allow anyone to ride in the cargo WARNING

► Never allow anyone to ride in the cargo area or on the rear seat when it is in the fold-down position. Use of these areas by passengers without proper restraints could result in serious injury in an accident or sudden stop.
► When returning the seatbacks to the upright position, be certain they are completely secured in the latched position. If they are not completely secured, passengers may be injured in an accident or sudden stop.
► Properly secure all cargo to help prevent it from sliding or shifting. Do not place cargo higher than the seatbacks. In a sudden stop or collision, unsecured cargo could cause personal injury.



Pull the reclining leverA and position the seatback at the desired angle. Release the reclining lever after positioning the seat at the desired angle. To return the seatback, pull the lever. The reclining feature allows adjustment of the seatback for occupants of different sizes to help obtain proper seat belt fit. (See “Precautions on seat belt usage” later in this section.) The seatback may also be reclined to allow occupants to rest when the vehicle is parked.

► Do not ride in a moving vehicle when the WARNING

► Do not ride in a moving vehicle when the seatback is reclined. This can be dangerous. The shoulder belt will not be against your body. In an accident, you could be thrown into it and receive neck or other serious injuries. You could also slide under the lap belt and receive serious internal injuries.
► For the most effective protection when the vehicle is in motion, the seat should be upright. Always sit well back in the seat with both feet on the floor and adjust the seat belt properly. See “Precautions on seat belt usage” later in this section.
► After adjustment, check to be sure the seat is securely locked.

Entry to 3rd row seat

► Do not drive with the 2nd row seat tipped up.
► Be careful not to allow the 2nd row seat to pinch, hit any part of your body or other people when operating the 2nd row seat. Make sure the seat path is clear of all objects before moving the seat.

The 2nd row seat can be tipped forward for easy entry to or exit from the 3rd row seat.

For manual type:

For manual type:

To enter the 3rd row seat, pull the leverA orB located on the 2nd row seat and fold the seatback forward 1 at an angle over the seat base. Then lift up the seat base and tip the 2nd row seat forward 2 . This will release the back of the seat so it may be tipped forward. To exit the 3rd row seat, pull the lever A or B and fold the seatback forward onto the seat base. Then lift up on the seat base and tip it forward.

For remote release type (if so equipped):

For remote release type (if so equipped): Push and hold the switch located on the instrument panel. The seatback will fold down and tip forward. The lower corner of the seat base will lift and the 2nd row seat will tip forward.

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