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Before closing a window or the sunroof, ensure that no occupants have any part of their body in a position where it could be trapped. Even with an anti-trap system, death or serious injury could occur.


The anti-trap mechanism does not operate when closing the sunroof from the tilted position. The sunroof can cause serious injury should a body part become trapped. Always ensure that the sunroof is free from obstructions before closing.

Anti-trap protection will stop window or sunroof movement if an obstruction or resistance is detected. Check the window or sunroof and its aperture and remove any obstructions (e.g. ice, etc.).

If it is still necessary to raise the window or close the sunroof, the override procedure is as follows:

1. Attempt to close the window/sunroof, anti-trap will prevent closure and lower the window/open the sunroof slightly.

2. Within 10 seconds attempt to raise the window/close the sunroof again, anti-trap will prevent closure and lower the window/open the sunroof slightly.

3. Attempt to close the window/sunroof for a third time, this time hold the switch in the close position. Hold until closed.

Note: If this procedure fails to remove the blockage, the window operation may need to be reset. See 171, WINDOW RESET.

Note: The sunroof anti-trap mechanism works differently and does not require reset if activated. See 171, SUNROOF RESET.

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