Cadillac Escalade: Storing Radio Station Presets - Overview - Introduction - Infotainment System - Cadillac Escalade Owner's ManualCadillac Escalade: Storing Radio Station Presets

To set preset radio stations, do the following:

1. Press 2. Press AUDIO and select the desired band (AM, FM, or XM (if equipped)). to turn the system on.

2. Press AUDIO and select the desired band (AM, FM, or XM (if equipped)).

3. Use the , or(tuning) knob, (Seek) arrows to tune to the desired , or station. (Seek) arrows to tune to the desired station.

4. Press and hold one of the five preset screen buttons, at the bottom of the screen, until a beep is heard.

5. Repeat the steps for each preset.

See “Storing Radio Station Presets” under AM-FM Radio   for more information.

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