Mercedes-Benz GL-Class: Important safety notes - Off-road driving - Driving tips - Driving and parking - Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Owner's ManualMercedes-Benz GL-Class: Important safety notes

WARNING Grains of sand, particles of dirt and other 
Grains of sand, particles of dirt and other abrasive materials can enter the brake system. This can lead to excessive wear and unpredictable braking efficiency.
After the brakes have been exposed to dirty conditions, have them checked and cleaned at a qualified specialist workshop, e.g. an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.
Otherwise, there is a risk that braking power may be insufficient in the event of an emergency, or that the braking effect may be unpredictable.

WARNING Do not load items on the crossbars. It may 
Do not load items on the crossbars. It may cause instability during some maneuvers which could result in an accident.
Drive slowly in unknown terrain. This will make it easier to recognize unexpected obstacles and avoid damage to the vehicle.
To help avoid the vehicle rolling over, never turn it around on steep inclines. If the vehicle cannot complete the attempted climb, back it down in reverse gear.
Do not drive along the side of a slope. The vehicle might otherwise rollover. If in doing so the vehicle begins to show a tendency to roll, immediately steer into a line of gravity (straight up or downhill).
Never let the vehicle roll backwards in idle.
You may lose control of the vehicle if you use only the service brake. For information on driving downhill, see "Driving downhill".

WARNING Please be aware that by raising the vehicle 
Please be aware that by raising the vehicle level, the center of gravity also rises.
Therefore, always ensure that the vehicle level is as low as possible. With higher ride height the ESPВ® may activate earlier in certain situations.

WARNING Do not reduce the tire inflation pressure 
Do not reduce the tire inflation pressure before driving through sand. However, if you do so, remember to correct the tire inflation pressure before continuing your trip. Driving with reduced tire inflation pressure increases the risk of losing control of the vehicle and rolling over.

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