Range Rover: Hints on driving with ACC - Adaptive cruise control - Range Rover Owner's ManualRange Rover: Hints on driving with ACC

The system acts by regulating the speed of the vehicle, using engine control and the brakes. Gear changes may occur in response to deceleration or acceleration while in ACC.

ACC is not a collision avoidance system. However, during some situations the system may provide the driver with an indication that intervention is required.

An audible alarm will sound, accompanied by the message DRIVER INTERVENE if the ACC detects:

  • • A failure has occurred while the system is active.
  • • That using maximum ACC braking only is not sufficient.

Note: ACC operates when the gear selector lever is in position D.

Note: When engaged, the accelerator pedal rests in the raised position. Fully release the pedal to allow normal ACC operation.

Note: When braking is applied by the ACC, the vehicle brake lamps will be switched on.

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