Mercedes-Benz GL-Class: Checklist after driving off-road - Off-road driving - Driving tips - Driving and parking - Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Owner's ManualMercedes-Benz GL-Class: Checklist after driving off-road

WARNING If you notice sudden significant vibrations or 
If you notice sudden significant vibrations or unusual handling performance or if you suspect that damage has occurred to the vehicle, you should activate the hazard warning lamps, gently reduce speed and carefully head for an area that is located at a safe distance from the road.
Check the tires and the underside of the vehicle for damage. If the vehicle seems unsafe, have the vehicle towed away to the nearest Mercedes-Benz Center or tire dealer to be repaired.

Driving over rough terrain places greater demands on your vehicle than driving on normal roads. After driving off-road, check the vehicle. This allows you to detect damage promptly and reduce the risk of an accident to yourself and other road users.

Deactivate the off-road drive program or the LOW RANGE off-road gear.
Deactivate DSR.
Set the differential lock setting to AUTO on the selector wheel.
Lower the vehicle level again to a level suitable to the road conditions, e.g. to the highway/high-speed level.
Clean the headlamps and rear lights and check for damage.
Clean the front and rear license plates.
Clean wheels/tires, wheel mounting and underbody with a water jet, check them for foreign objects and damage and rectify this as required.
After the trip, examine without fail the entire undercarriage, wheels, tires, brakes, bodywork structure, steering, chassis and exhaust system for damage.
Check whether twigs or other parts of plants have become trapped. These increase the risk of fire and can damage fuel pipes, brake hoses or the rubber bellows of the axle joints and propeller shafts.
After driving for extended periods across sand, mud, gravel, water or in similarly dirty conditions, have the brake discs, wheels, brake pads/linings and axle joints checked and cleaned.
If you detect strong vibrations after off-road travel, check for foreign objects in the wheels and drive train and remove them if necessary. Foreign objects can disturb the balance and cause vibrations.
Test the brakes.

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