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Use of your mobile telephone while you are driving is dangerous as it diverts attention from the traffic situation. If you wish to use your telephone, stop at an appropriate place where you are not endangering or inconveniencing other vehicles.


Drivers should only talk on their cell phones when it is safe to do so and when such use will not distract the driver from the road.


Drivers should never text message while driving. Texting while driving diverts attention from the road and can lead to accidents, causing serious injury or death.


Switch off your telephone in areas with a high explosion risk. This includes filling stations, garages, fuel storage areas or chemical factories, as well as places where the air contains fuel vapor (such as an open vehicle hood), chemicals or metal dust. The telephone could trigger an explosion, or cause a fire.


The functioning of cardiac pacemakers or hearing aids may be impaired when the phone is in use. Check with a doctor or manufacturer whether any such devices you or your passengers are using, are sufficiently protected against high-frequency energy.

The Health Industry Manufacturers' Association recommends that a minimum separation of 6 inches (15 centimeters) is maintained between a wireless phone antenna and a pacemaker, to avoid potential interference with the pacemaker. These recommendations are consistent with the independent research by, and recommendations of, Wireless Technology Research.


Always stow your mobile phone securely. In an accident, loose items can cause injury.

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