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Only install a battery of the same type and rating. Installing an incorrect battery may result in a fire and injury, or damage to the electrical system. If you are in any doubt when installing a battery, seek qualified assistance.

When refitting the battery ensure that no metal objects, or vehicle components, come into contact with the battery terminals.


Ensure that when fitting a battery to the vehicle, the terminals and battery clamps are clean, and lightly coated with petroleum jelly. This will ensure good electrical connections are made, and help to prevent corrosion.

Always follow the battery manufacturers instructions. Failure to do so may result in damage to the vehicle and/or the electrical system.

If the battery leads are connected to the wrong terminals, the electrical system may be damaged.

A new battery should be supplied with plastic terminal covers. Leave the covers in place when fitting the battery, and remove them one at a time to fit the battery cable clamps.

Refitting is an exact reversal of the removal procedure. If you are in any doubt about fitting a battery, seek qualified assistance beforehand.

Used batteries must be disposed of correctly as they contain a number of harmful

Used batteries must be disposed of correctly as they contain a number of harmful substances. Seek advice on disposal from your Land Rover Retailer/Authorized Repairer and/or your local authority.

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