Range Rover: Dynamic response - Air suspension - Range Rover Owner's ManualRange Rover: Dynamic response

The dynamic response system adjusts the suspension to eliminate or reduce body roll while cornering on-road, and to provide greater axle articulation and improved traction when driving off-road.

If a fault is detected, this warning lamp illuminates either Red or Amber, depending

If a fault is detected, this warning lamp illuminates either Red or Amber, depending on the severity of the fault. A corresponding message will also be displayed.

RED: The message STOP VEHICLE, STOP SAFELY, STOP ENGINE is displayed. A fault that may result in serious damage to the vehicle has been detected. Stop the vehicle as soon as safety permits and switch off the engine. Do not continue driving and seek qualified assistance immediately.

AMBER: The message VEHICLE LEAN WHEN CORNERING is displayed. The detected fault will result in reduced dynamic response performance. The vehicle can still be driven, but reduce speed and seek qualified assistance at the earliest opportunity.

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