Range Rover: Voice settings - Touch screen - Range Rover Owner's ManualRange Rover: Voice settings

  • • Command list: View the categories and the acceptable voice commands. Select an Information button to view alternative function commands.
  • • Voicetags: View the categories. Select a category to manage the voicetags for the chosen system. See 134, VOICETAGS.
  • • Operating guide: View brief Voice system instructions. Select Voice tutorial for more detailed instructions (cancel via the displayed pop-up or by pressing and holding the voice button).
  • • Preferences: Select to alter the following settings:
  • • Voice profile: The voice system can be trained to have a greater recognition of a particular voice or accent. The default setting is Standard. To build a voice profile for either User 1 or User 2, it is necessary to complete a training program first. To complete the training for the first time, select either User 1 or User 2 and follow the on-screen and audible instructions.
  • • Voice feedback: Select On or Off.
  • • Feedback volume: Adjust using the +/- buttons. It is not possible to reduce the volume to zero.
  • • Voice training: Select to access the voice system training program, designed to enable the system to better recognise the vocal characteristics of a user.

Select User 1 or User 2 and follow the on screen and audible instructions. See 134, VOICE TRAINING.

The training session can be cancelled at any time by touching the on-screen pop-up or by pressing and holding the Voice button on the steering wheel. See 133, USING VOICE CONTROL.

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