Range Rover: Using ACC - Adaptive cruise control - Range Rover Owner's ManualRange Rover: Using ACC

1. SET+: Press to increase or set the speed.

1. SET+: Press to increase or set the speed.
2. Press to resume the set speed.
3. Press to decrease the set speed.
4. CAN: Cancels, but retains the set speed in memory.
5. Press to decrease the gap.
6. Press to increase the gap.

The system is operated by controls mounted on the steering wheel. The driver can also intervene at any time by use of the brake or accelerator pedals.

Setting the vehicle speed, activating, and deactivating ACC, is done in the same way as when using cruise control.

    Adaptive cruise control overview
    The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system is designed to aid the driver to maintain a gap from the vehicle ahead or a set road speed if there is no slower vehicle ahead. WARNING ACC is not a s ...

    Entering follow mode
    WARNING When in follow mode, the vehicle will not decelerate automatically to a stop, nor will the vehicle always decelerate quickly enough to avoid a collision. Note: Follow mode is an integ ...

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