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It remains the driver's responsibility to detect obstacles and estimate the vehicle's distance from them when reversing.

The camera home page is accessed from the Home menu screen. If Cameras has not been set as a short cut, touch Extra features to display the list.

With the engine running and Park or Neutral selected, the surround camera system uses 5 discretely placed cameras to assist in maneuvering the vehicle.

1. Enlarge: To enlarge a camera view, touch the image then touch the Enlarge

1. Enlarge: To enlarge a camera view, touch the image then touch the Enlarge soft key. Any 2 images can be selected and enlarged to view side-by-side on the screen.

When viewing the two images, one of them can be selected to view as a full screen image. It can then be zoomed into and panned around using the magnifier and arrow icons.

2. Proximity View: Touch to select a combination of 3 images from the front and passenger side cameras.

Note: Proximity view can be accessed at any time by touching Proximity View on the Camera home page.

3. Special Views: A selection of pre-set views can be displayed by selecting Special Views. They are provided to assist with difficult maneuvers and are:

  • • Curb view: Shows views from the 2 front cameras.
  • • Junction view: Shows views from the 2 side cameras.
  • • Trailer view: Shows the rear camera view.

4. Tow Assist: Touch to display trailer guidance set-up screen.

    Proximity view
    Selecting Proximity View will display a combination of three images from the front and passenger side cameras. ...

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