Range Rover: Sunroof reset - Maintenance - Range Rover Owner's ManualRange Rover: Sunroof reset

If the battery is disconnected or the power supply is interrupted while the sunroof is partially open, it will need to be recalibrated. Once the battery is reconnected or the power supply is restored, recalibrate the sunroof as follows:

1. Switch the ignition on.

2. With the sunroof closed, press and release the front of the switch. The sunroof will move to the tilted position.

3. Press the front of the sunroof switch and hold for 20 seconds.

4. After 20 seconds, the sunroof will begin to move. Keep the front of the switch pressed until the fully open/close cycle has completed.

5. Once the sunroof has stopped moving, release the switch.

The sunroof can now be operated as normal.

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