Range Rover: Rear lamp removal - Maintenance - Range Rover Owner's ManualRange Rover: Rear lamp removal

To change any of the rear bulbs, it is necessary to completely remove the lamp unit from the vehicle.

1. With the tailgate open, remove the two screws from the inner edge of the unit.

1. With the tailgate open, remove the two screws from the inner edge of the unit.

2. Pull the unit carefully away from the vehicle.

3. Disconnect the electrical connector and remove the unit from the vehicle. Place face down on a flat surface covered in soft material to prevent damage.

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    Rear lamp - bulb replacement
    Note: The direction indicator lamp, stop lamp, and tail lamp are LED units, and cannot be serviced. 1. Rear fog lamp. 2. Reversing lamp 3. Twist the relevant bulb unit and pull to access the bu ...

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