Cadillac Escalade: Installing the Third Row Seat - Third Row Seats - Rear Seats - Seats and Restraints - Cadillac Escalade Owner's ManualCadillac Escalade: Installing the Third Row Seat

To install the seat:

1. Open the liftgate to access the rear of the vehicle.

2. Slide the front outboard seat wheels into the track on the floor and roll the seat forward. The front latches should lock into place. If the latches do not lock, try tilting the rear of the seat upward slightly.

3. Lower the rear of the seat and push down on the seat to engage the rear floor latches.


A seat that is not locked into place properly can move around in a collision or sudden stop. People in the vehicle could be injured. Be sure to lock the seat into place properly when installing it.

4. Push and pull on the seat to make sure it is locked into place. The seatback cannot be raised to the upright position unless the seat is latched to the floor.

5. Raise the seatback to the upright position.

6. Push and pull on the seatback to make sure it is locked.

7. Make sure the safety belts are returned to the original position over the seatbacks.

    Removing the Third Row Seat
    To remove the seat: 1. Open the liftgate to access the controls for the seat. 2. Fold the seatbacks forward using lever “1” and the instructions listed previously under “Folding the Seatback. ...

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