Mercedes-Benz GL-Class: DISTRONIC displays in themultifunction display - DISTRONIC - Driving systems - Driving and parking - Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Owner's ManualMercedes-Benz GL-Class: DISTRONIC displays in themultifunction display

Press the DISTRONIC menu. button to select the DISTRONIC menu.

Display when DISTRONIC is deactivated

When DISTRONIC is deactivated, you will see the following in the multifunction display:

1 Vehicle in front, if detected

1 Vehicle in front, if detected
2 Distance indicator, displaying current distance to the vehicle in front
3 Specified minimum distance to the vehicle in front, adjustable
4 Own vehicle

Display when DISTRONIC is activated

After this time, you will see the following in the multifunction display while DISTRONIC is activated:

1 DISTRONIC activated

1 DISTRONIC activated
2 Stored speed

When activating DISTRONIC and when setting the speed, stored speed 2 appears for around five seconds.

After approximately five seconds, current saved speed 2 is displayed in the multifunction display's status indicator:

USA only: DTR XXX Miles
Canada only: DTR XXX km/h

    DISTRONIC displays in thespeedometer
    When DISTRONIC is activated, one or two segments in the set speed range light up. For design reasons, the speed displayed in the speedometer may differ slightly from the speed set for DISTRON ...

    Deactivating DISTRONIC
    There are several ways to deactivate DISTRONIC: ► Briefly press the cruise control lever forwards 1. or ► Brake. The last speed stored remains stored until you switch off the ...

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